Around the World and Back Again

My last post was 10 months ago. In that time, I have seriously been all over the world and back to square one more times than I would like to admit. I’ve decided on things, changed my mind, gone a completely different direction, second guessed myself, come back to where I started, felt super crazy, felt at peace, and have repeated the entire process what feels like a gazillion times.

But that’s life right? What I do know, is that even though life has gone in about 1000 different directions and I never can seem to make up my mind on the path I want and need to take for one reason or another, I know that each decision I do make gets me one step closer. I mean its almost 1a, I have to be up in 4hrs and I’m sitting here at the computer with my daughter in my lap updating my website for the first time in almost a year, ready to finally reach out and start coaching again. Not training, not attempting to meal plan, not writing fitness programs, COACHING. I know for a fact that coaching and helping to change women’s lives is my passion. It’s what use to wake me up in the morning, what use to fuel me through my day. Just because fitness “isn’t for everybody” and certain programs I may love and suggest are too expensive for some people, doesn’t mean that I can’t help in other ways. Although I am a Beachbody coach and absolutely love my Shakeology and at home workouts, I understand and am finally accepting that that path is not for everyone, for one reason or another, and THAT’S OK! What I do know, is that the I want to be able to continue my passion helping others and make a way to stay home with my daughter while doing that and being able to provide for my family.

So no more talking about it and trying to figure things out. It’s time to take action and just go out and do it. I know what’s in my heart and what I want to be doing. No second guessing, no worrying about what others may think, no more back and forth. Just take the leap of faith, follow my heart, do what makes me happy, and be me.



Announcements and Upcoming Changes!

Hey Loves!!

It has been such a long time!! The past few months have been an absolute whirlwind of changes in my life and I’m so happy to be back and with some exciting news!! If you follow me on IG then you may already have an idea of some of the changes. 😉

For starters, will be undergoing some serious changes! I will be doing a complete overhaul of the website from name, appearance, categories, etc, to go more hand in hand with the direction my life is taking. My usernames on my social media will also be changing as well, so stay tuned for that. I will still be doing online coaching and training plans so no worries there! There will be a whole section on my site dedicated to all things health and fitness so you will still have a way to get in touch with me if you like! 

Second, I am no longer a Beachbody coach so you will not be able to get Shakeology, or any of the Beachbody workout programs through me. I am strongly considering going back to my Herbalife coaching purely because that is what fueled my passion for health and fitness and helping others years ago and it’s such an amazing company that I also got amazing results with. When I say I was in the best shape of my life mentally and physically with Herbalife, I truly mean that. 

And finally, the most exciting news… I’M PREGNANT!!!! 😁 I’m due January 12, 2016 and my love and I can not wait to meet our Princess in a few months! There has been soooo many things that I’ve already experienced that no one told me about regarding pregnancy and I hope to share that with you all here to hopefully help someone else out! And also I want to document this new journey into motherhood. I hope you all will join me!

So stay tuned for some fun changes to FBF and some brand new topics! ❤️


Fearless Beauty Fitness Online Bootcamp!!!

Hey Beauties!!! I’m so excited to announce the official launch of the Fearless Beauty Online Bootcamps!!! The first Bootcamp starts on Monday April 6th!!!! Spaces are limited so if you’re interested please contact me!! Also, if gym workouts are more your style, we can make a program for that!!! Each month I’ll be working with a select few lovely ladies who are ⓈⒺⓇⒾⓄⓊⓈ about making a change and improving their health and fitness! If enough is enough and you’re finally ready to start working towards a healthier lifestyle, leave your email below, I would love to discuss your goals further and work one on one with you to get there! 💕 Or email me at 📧 📧

Cravings and Shakeology 

I noticed something crazy today. On the days I don’t have Shakeology for breakfast, my unhealthy cravings throughout the day are ridiculous!! And I’m more likely to give in and binge on anything and everything which results in me not feeling 100% which ends up leaving me not as productive throughout the day because I just feel blah. You know that feeling of overeating, indigestion, bloat, maybe nausea, and just overall grossness? Yeah that’s how I end up feeling which leaves me just wanting to lay on the couch and be a bum the rest of the day. That’s also what I’ve been doing the majority of the day. I had a crazy busy past 2 weeks and was exhausted when I got home yesterday evening. I planned to take a quick 2-3hr nap to get some energy back. Well that 2-3hr nap turned into me sleeping for 12 hours straight 😳 I didn’t realize just how tired and worn out I was. I woke up feeling refreshed but so hungry from not eating for about 16 hours. So into the kitchen I went…

To make a long story short, I’ve been doing very well with weighing my food and keeping track of my macros the past few weeks. Although I haven’t been hitting them 100%, I’m so much more mindful of my portion sizes. I typically start my eating for the day with my Shakeology with extra protein powder to try and make up for the fact that I eat very little meat and struggle with getting enough protein in my diet. When I have my Shakeo for breakfast, my cravings throughout the day are very limited and I don’t give into unhealthy food as easily. When I don’t have my shake for breakfast, my eating quickly gets out of control and my struggle with binge eating and cravings creeps in and are seemingly endless and extremely difficult to satisfy. Today is the perfect example of that. I had pizza and cheesesticks for breakfast at 530am, Reese’s puff with unsweetened almond milk for a morning snack, more pizza a few hours later, and a few hours after than, TWO packs of Ramen. Miserable and nauseous would be an understatement for how I was feeling. No energy, super bloated, and laying on the couch catching up on Empire is how I was spending my day. Yes, I was relaxing for once which is completely ok but it’s more because I felt like crap and didn’t have the energy to do anything else. I do track my macros, but flexible eating/dieting and IIFYM is not an excuse to eat junk all day. 

It’s crazy how big of an impact those first few choices in the start of your day can have. I ended up still having crazy cravings and instead of caving in a eating a bunch of the treats I save for flex bowls and Proyo when I have macros left at the end of the day, I ended up drinking my chocolate shakeo and instantly felt better and had more energy. We’re going to Top Golf tonight and I had planned to bum it out for the evening until it was time to go, but instead I’m going to get my butt up and be productive. 

So tell me…

Do you struggle with fighting ridiculous cravings when you don’t start your day off with something healthy?? 

What’s your go to breakfast or craving killer??


One Month Weight Loss Progress

IMG_1101It may not seem like much of a difference to some, but I learned so much this month and to say I struggled is definitely an under statement! Always, always, ALWAYS take progress photos. I don’t like to weigh myself and sometimes it’s hard to see changes from day to day. Here’s my one month progress of working out more (still not daily, but I’m almost there) and being more conscious of what and how much I’m eating. I’m not going to lie and say I followed the 21 Day Fix workouts and meal plans daily because I didn’t. But I definitely made improvements in my strength and endurance and I’m finally feeling in control of my eating and more comfortable with my body, so to me that is a win. The meal plan and containers helped me so much in realizing how much of things I should be eating and it helped me realize a few things about myself and my eating habits that I’ll share in my next blog post. I didn’t completely give up on any of my workouts or on my meal plan which is what I usually do when I struggle so I’m proud of the progress I made. I learned a lot this past month and I’m excited to keep going and seeing what changes I can make by this time next month. I’m striving for PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION!! Join me in my next challenge group! Let’s help keep each other accountable!

Women’s Only Bootcamp Coming Soon to San Antonio, Tx!!


Do you workout in the early morning hours to get it out of the way before life happens or are you more of a night owl like me?? Within the next few months, I will be having a women’s only, non-military style bootcamp class in the San Antonio/Schertz/Cibilo area and am trying to decide between an early morning (like 6am ish) or evening (6 or 7pm ish) class. If you were to attend, which do you think you’d be more likely to go to and why???